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Town of Taber Tourism Project

The Town of Taber has a rich history in agriculture dating back to 1885 when Tank 77 was built along the CPR tracks through what was to become the Town of Taber. Pioneering families helped build an irrigation system in the region that enabled farmers to successfully work the thousands of acres of irrigated farmland.

Today, Taber is home to about 8,500 residents. The community offers a good quality of life and the economy continues to be dominated by agriculture, with several multinational food companies as major employers. Taber is particularly well known and respected amongst Albertans for the sweet tasting and high quality ‘Taber Corn’.

The Tourism Development Strategy for the Town of Taber focuses on increasing the economic value of tourism for the community and surrounding area while at the same time enhancing resident quality of life. The overall goal of the strategy is to attract more people to businesses, activities, and tourism experiences in the community and surrounding region, thereby increasing the economic success of the community.

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