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Clustering, Networking and Consortiums

CBL is working with individuals, businesses and organizations to bring them together in clusters in an effort to grow business and gain access to funding, educational opportunities, the chance to share ideas and best practices, and take advantage of cost saving opportunities. Clustering fosters a spirit of “co-petition”. To date, CBL has spearheaded the following clusters and business consortia:

Catalogue Houses and Prairie Women focuses on the history of the region with a special emphasis on the stories of the women and the settlement of the Canadian Badlands’ prairie.

Rockin’ Rural Rodeos are signature events in our region. With a recent decline in many rural rodeos, this cluster will work to increase visibility, status, and visitation.

The Return of the MOB (Museums of the Badlands) cluster focuses on bringing attention to the unique museum, and cultural and heritage attractions that dot the Canadian Badlands.

The Lake Newell: Adventure Getaways group started out wanting to bring more attention and visitation to the Lake Newell region to help businesses grow and develop as well as highlight the natural beauty and uniqueness of the irrigation system in the region. The group started out by running a Funky Toque contest alongside a fishing derby and is now in talks to take over the Lake Newell Dragonboat Festival.

Echoes of the Badlands focuses on the “non-dinosaur” aspects of the Drumheller Valley. They are working together to show visitors the cultural, social, geological and heritage aspects of this unique valley. Coal mines, ranches, ghost towns, and strata layers all have a story to tell here.

Canadian Badlands Artists and Artisans Cluster is joining Artists Co-ops like the Hive Hub in Medicine Hat and individual artists across the region. Driving tours, touring shows and exhibits, cooperative art galleries and creation spaces are all in the works with this group.

“Out of the Badlands” is a grouping of entrepreneurs whose products carry the Canadian Badlands label. This group is working to get their products for sale in museums, B & B’s, Visitor Information Centres, and galleries throughout the region.