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Farm & Ranch Tourism Business Development Program

Diversify Your Farm or Ranch Income

Is a Tourism Enterprise Right for You?

The Canadian Badlands Ltd. offers assistance through its Tourism Futures initiative to help private land owners in the Canadian Badlands consider whether a start-up or expansion of a tourism enterprise is right for them.

If private land owners are looking for ways to keep the family farm/ranch or a means to employ more family on the farm/ranch, a tourism operation may be a viable option.

Some of the questions, you can expect to have answered are

  • How do I start a recreation or tourism enterprise?

  • How do I identify what experiences or services I might provide that are marketable?

  • What resources (skills, capital, workforce) do I need to have to start a recreation or tourism business?

  • How will tourism affect my agriculture operations and lifestyle?

  • How do I market my tourism business?


Watch a clip from our workshops below