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Customer Service Excellence Training

This comprehensive program that was designed by Lethbridge College and Canadian Badlands Ltd. looks at the role of customer service, and also addresses the specific needs of service providers in the Canadian Badlands. In this course, you will explore 5 key areas of customer service and will be relate the course content to your own unique role as a service provider within the Canadian Badlands. The program offers training in the following areas:

  • Strategies for Success
  • Serving a Diverse Tourism Market
  • Proactive Customer Service: Seeking Solutions
  • Reducing Stress and Managing
  • Teamwork

As you work through the course content, take this opportunity to learn more about others who work within the Canadian Badlands and about the attractions and communities here. The more you know about what the area has to offer, the better service you may provide to the customers and tourists who visit us. The Canadian Badlands Customer Service Training is for tourism employees who need to understand customer expectations, communicate more effectively, deal with challenging customers, increase sales, and act as ambassadors for their business, community and region.

The online course can be completed at your own pace. It’s only $25 for 20+ hours of customer service training. You’ll learn the basics of serving the customer, as well as increase your understanding of what the Canadian Badlands region has to offer tourists. Sign up by calling Canadian Badlands Ltd. 403.823.7741 or support@canadianbadlands.com