Invest in the Badlands

A primary function of the Canadian Badlands Tourism Investment Attraction is to identify and communicate investment opportunities available within the region. Acting as a strategic partner to connect investment with regional initiatives, Canadian Badlands Tourism interacts closely with communities located throughout the Canadian Badlands.

The Canadian Badlands team works directly with communities to identify suitable initiatives and investment needs. To support the investment process, each listed opportunity has been evaluated using a suite of multi-faceted investment readiness tools and procedures. This process is a key function of Canadian Badlands, and ensures a proper knowledge foundation exists for investors as well as community readiness and regional suitability for each initiative.

The opportunities showcased have been evaluated using this strategic investment readiness process, and are aligned with Canadian Badlands Tourism's vision for strategic tourism development.

Additional information regarding each opportunity can be found by clicking through to respective Investment Profiles, or by contacting Canadian Badlands Tourism Investment Attraction at