About Us

Canadian Badlands Tourism (CBT) is a not-for-profit Alberta Corporation providing a new and innovative approach to creating an integrated, destination-based tourism industry in South-Eastern Alberta. CBT is the largest co-operative regional partnership of municipal governments in Alberta. The shareholders are 66 municipal governments recognizing the power of co-operative efforts to develop and implement a strategic regional tourism development plan.

The Canadian Badlands region in southeast Alberta is host to some of Canada's most intriguing travel experiences. With assets ranging from river valley badlands to un-glaciated hills, hoodoos to huge skies, the largest dinosaur bed in North America, a UNESCO world heritage site, and a rich Aboriginal history, the area offers potential for greater tourism visitation. The Canadian Badlands spans about 90,000 square kilometres in southeast Alberta stretching from Donalda in the north to the Montana border in the south and from just east of Highway 2 to the Saskatchewan border.

The Board of Directors of CBT identified the need to prepare a tourism development strategy to direct and prioritize their activities. Central to this strategy is building community and regional capacity for economic growth and enhancing area quality of life while preserving significant natural and cultural resources. The strategy presents opportunities to retain, grow and educate a vibrant workforce, providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for area businesses and youth while exposing visitors to the rich cultural and natural heritage including the First Nation's significant role in the area's history.

Download Canadian Badlands Tourism Development Strategy Brochure  – 6.8 MB

Download CBT-Tourism Development Strategy Part 1  – 1.8 MB

Download CBT-Tourism Development Strategy Part 2  – 3.9 MB

Canadian Badlands Tourism facilitates planning and capital fund development, tourism and hospitality business and attractions development, tourism workforce development and training. To foster an increased diversity and improved quality of visitor experiences in our region.

The strategy for developing the Canadian Badlands is to build on the region's existing strengths, focus on attracting primary markets to the region, keep visitors in the region longer, and to move visitors throughout the region - with the goal of realizing the economic benefits of tourism. It involves the implementation of strategic priorities that are most critical to the region's success and long-term viability, including:


  • Developing the tourism Hubs and Attractors,
  • Tying these hubs and attractors together through themed touring routes
  • Developing the infrastructure required to support hub development and attractor enhancements
  • Attracting and maintaining a strong labour force

To accomplish all of these steps, CBT has to develop a comprehensive support structure that addresses leadership, training, marketing, promotion, and more.

Here are some of the projects we have undertaken:


  • Tourism Clustering
  • Tourism Business Consortia Development
  • Canadian Badlands brand Long Lunches
  • Industry website
  • Tourism Master Planning
  • Area Development Planning
  • Community Leadership Development Training
  • Tourism Futures – Tourism Business Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Farm/Ranch (private lands) Tourism Development
  • Customer Service Excellence training
  • Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Mentoring/Training Program
  • Alberta Tourist Destination Assessment Tool
  • Attractions Development Planning
  • Canadian Badlands Arts & Artists' Co-ops
  • CBL Signage
  • Scenic Route Study
  • Rural Visitor Information Centre Assessment
  • 23 community tourism infrastructure projects
  • Best Practices Mission
  • DMO Development
  • Regional Marketing Initiative